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Live in China, Essential Emergency Contact Numbers to Remember

First time live in China without significant influence or power, it's crucial to have a list of emergency numbers at your disposal. Here are 4 vital contact numbers that can prove to be life-savers:

12345 - Citizen Hotline (Combined with 12315): This number is your go-to for various issues you might face in life. It offers 24/7 service and has been effective in resolving issues like unpaid social security, rental deposit disputes, and salary arrears.

12338 - Women's Rights Protection Hotline: Women facing domestic conflicts or any form of unfair treatment can use this number for assistance and support.

12348 - Legal Aid: If you encounter legal issues and lack the financial means, this number can provide free legal advice. Qualifying individuals may even receive free legal representation.

12333 - National Human Resources and Social Security Service Hotline: This is the number to call for labor-related issues such as unpaid wages and social security concerns.

Important Note: For complaints in other regions, add the area code before dialing. For local complaints, the number can be dialed directly.

Remember, these numbers are there to help you assert your rights and seek justice in various scenarios, from legal issues to unfair treatment.

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