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Safeguards for Informed Decisions through National Criminal Background

Mclancher Consulting is a respected firm providing a multitude of services to overseas clients interacting with Chinese corporations. We are skilled in conducting in-depth background checks and delivering crucial legal support, with our primary focus on fraud prevention. Our goal is to cultivate a secure business space through meticulous company evaluations, thereby ensuring your business thrives amid the challenges posed by international commerce.

In the sphere of background checks and employment screening services, numerous providers offer extensive National Criminal Background Checks, offering critical insights for businesses and individuals alike. These checks dig deep, unveiling felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, and more at both state and county levels, and integrating data from OFAC, OIG, and terrorist watchlists.

Solid and Comprehensive:

The background checks rendered by these organizations stand as a beacon of trust, providing detailed insights that are crucial for informed decision-making. The reports, available in a professional, tamper-proof Adobe PDF format, facilitate effortless printing and sharing. Compliant with FCRA, they are ideally suited for employment and tenant screening purposes.

Swift and User-Friendly:

These services, with a focus on user convenience, assure that most applicants receive results on the same day, with 90% of them receiving them within 1-4 business days. This efficiency helps companies quicken the integration of new employees. Some organizations also provide a secure self-check option, allowing applicants to execute and pay for their own background checks, a feature popular among volunteer organizations, schools, and property owners.

Client-Centric Philosophy:

These organizations value customer satisfaction and provide assistance through experienced customer service representatives available via phone or email. They also offer volume pricing, multi-user accounts, and a range of billing options to meet various customer needs.

Resource-Rich and Informative:

Many organizations excel in their commitment to customer empowerment, offering an abundance of resources and detailed information on pre-employment background checks. These resources provide helpful tips on initiating a successful employment screening program, including an employee background check release form and information on FCRA regulations.

The organizations providing these services are invaluable resources for those seeking comprehensive and reliable background check services. With their client-centric philosophy, speedy services, and resource richness, they are committed to fostering informed and secure decision-making processes for their users.

At Mclancher Consulting, we understand the importance of background checks in today's high-risk business climate, particularly in the realm of international markets. As your dependable ally, we are prepared to navigate you through these complex security aspects and protect your operations from potential threats. Contact us for unmatched company verification, legal aid, and trade dispute resolution services.

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