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Contract Audit/Legal Suggestion - 2023

Contract Audit/Legal Suggestion - 2023


Our Contract Audit (CA) is the perfect solution for anyone looking to review and revise their  China local business contracts. Our cooperate lawyers, including a top 20 law firm lawyer and local lawyer, will conduct a thorough audit of your contracts to ensure that they meet legal standards and protect your interests.


We provide a comprehensive report, highlighting any areas of concern and offering recommendations for improvement. With our CA, you can have peace of mind knowing that your contracts are legally sound and protect your rights. 

  • Our process


    1、Choose which boundle(how many companies) you would like to check the background 

    2、After making the order , Enter the company name and your info 

    3、Our global service client manager will contact you in 2 hours, reports will be ready less than 48 hours 

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