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*Current LancherAI only supports Chinese language registration, foreign clients click the right bottom

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We are thrilled to introduce our innovative Mclancher product that incorporates not just one, but four powerful AI models - GPT4, 3.5 Turbo, AlibabaAI, and Claude2. The unique feature of this system allows clients to input a single query and instantly receive four different outputs. This enables clients to choose the most suitable response for their needs and continue the conversation with their chosen AI model, providing a dynamic and interactive experience.

Our users have praised the ease of interaction with all four models, their clear explanation of their thought process, reduced likelihood of generating harmful outputs, and their extended memory retention. We've enhanced our models' proficiency in areas such as coding, math, and reasoning.

Our Mclancher - LancherAI product functions like a friendly, dedicated colleague or personal assistant who understands natural language and assists with various tasks. We are offering our product for businesses at a competitive price, and we have a beta chat experience available for users.

As Mclancher will continue to enhance both the performance and safety of our models, we have increased the input and output length. Our system can accept up to 100K tokens per prompt, meaning it can process hundreds of pages of technical documentation or even a book. It’s also capable of writing longer documents, from memos to letters to stories, up to a few thousand tokens - all in one go.

We've been making continuous efforts to enhance the safety features of our Mclancher - Lancher AI, with the aim to make it safer and less prone to generating offensive or potentially dangerous content. We have devised an in-house safety evaluation process that grades our models based on a comprehensive set of harmful prompts, employing both automated testing and manual reviews on a regular basis. In these meticulous safety evaluations, Lancher AI demonstrated twice the efficacy in providing harmless responses compared to its predecessor version. While no model is completely safe from breaches, we've implemented numerous safety measures and carried out thorough safety evaluations to improve the quality of Lancher AI's outputs.


Lancher AI is the powerhouse of our chat experience and is broadly available in the China and global. We have plans in the pipeline to roll out Lancher AI on a global scale in the near future. Users can now register and start engaging with Lancher AI using everyday language, asking for assistance with any tasks. Interacting with an AI assistant may require some practice, but we have provided guidelines to help users make the most of their Lancher AI experience.


Mclancher currently collaborating with thousands of businesses that are leveraging the Lancher AI API. Among our lawyer partners  an AI platform that empowers individuals and teams to expand their content strategies. Lancher AI not only competes with other leading models across a variety of use cases but particularly excels in long-form, low-latency applications. "


"We are thrilled to be among the early adopters of Lancher AI for our clients. This remarkable AI offers enhanced semantics, up-to-date knowledge training, improved reasoning for complex prompts, and the unique ability to obtain four different answers from a single query," stated Gina, a leading lawyer in the field. "We take great pride in offering our clients advanced solutions, and our partnership with Lancher AI indeed facilitates this by keeping our clients one step ahead in their endeavors."


Our product, Lancher AI, is designed in such a way that a single client input can yield outputs from four distinct AI platforms - GPT 4 .3.5turbo, AlibabaAI, and two other undisclosed models. This unique feature allows clients to select the most suitable answer for them and continue their conversation with the chosen AI platform model.

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