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Covering the full spectrum of  China supply chain & legal services

Technology, media, and telecommunications companies are the linchpins of the digital economy, forging the infrastructure and gadgets that bridge individuals, enterprises, and nations. Despite being profit powerhouses, these sectors are not immune to the disruptions they engender.McLancher steps in here, aiding these industry leaders in harnessing sustainable and inclusive growth amid this swift market evolution.

By extending comprehensive background checks on potential Chinese collaborators, 1-on-1 legal assistance, and a robust customer service transformation through Lancher AI, we empower these entities to bolster their internal competencies, assimilate digital and analytic assets, and metamorphose their operational ethos for substantial, enduring business enhancements.



Chinese company & supplier background check (CCBC) 2023

Mclancher customized China company background check report contains basic China company’s information and enhanced Legal field includes: shareholder scale, outward investment(Current/historical), Legal law suit, Notified risks and more.



Legal Help for 
Local Chinese Lawyer

At Mclancher, we believe in fair business practices and strive to fight against dishonesty.We offer legal help and consulting services for businesses, and any other lawy involved investigation, consulting etc.




Navigating the AI Landscape with your business Expertise

Unlike conventional platforms, Lancher AI combines four robust AI models - GPT-4, 3.5 Turbo, AlibabaAI, and Claude2, all housed under one roof. 


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